Taking the Gosple around the World

1 John Chapter 3


Please use the KJV Bible if possible.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Quiz Questions

Question 1.
Why does the World not know God's Children?

Because it does not know God
Because it can't be known
Because everyone is God's Children

Question 2.
If you have the hope of seeing God as He is, What will you do?
Give much money to the church
Work hard for your salvation
Purify yourself

Question 3.
What is the message that we have heard from the beginning?
We should love one another
We shall all be saved
Nobody sins after salvation

Question 4.
Rather then love in word and tongue, what should we love in?
Our own power

Question 5.
How do we know God dwells in us?
By His Spirit in us
Because we are sprinkled with water
We speak in tongues

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