Taking the Gosple around the World

1 Peter Chapter 1


Please use the KJV Bible if possible.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Quiz Questions

Question 1.
Who is Peter an apostle of?.

The Church
Jesus Christ

Question 2.
According to verse four, our inheritance is...?
Incorruptible and undefiled
Up to us to work for it
Blessings here on Earth

Question 3.
It is God's power that keeps us, but it is our ? that brings us to God.
Good Works
Church Attendance

Question 4.
Verse seven tells us that the testing of our faith should be viewed as ?
More precious then gold
God is mad at us
We are not saved yet

Question 5.
What is the end result of our faith?
Much money and fame
Salvation of our soul
Seven virgins

Question 6.
According to verse 15, because God is holy, we should be ?
Holy in all mannor of conversation
Free to do as we wish

Question 7.
What were we redeemed with (V.19)?

The Church
Our Good works
Precious blood of Christ

Question 8.
When was Jesus ordained to be our salvation “lamb”? (V.19,20)
On the Cross
When He was baptized
Before the foundation of the World

Question 9.
Verse 23 tells us we are born again by ?
The Word of God
Being baptized
Baptism and good works

Question 10.
The Word of God will last how long?
Until after the tribulation
For ever
Until after His 1000 year rule on earth

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