Taking the Gosple around the World

2 John Chapter 1


Please use the KJV Bible if possible.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Quiz Questions

Question 1.
The writter was happy that he found John's children walking in?


Question 2.
John writes of a commandment that we have from the beginning, saying we should love ?
One another
The good God does

Question 3.
People who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh are not only deceivers, but also ?
Deceived themselves

Question 4.
According to verse ten, if someone is not a follower of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we should not receive them in our homes or ?
Give them something to drink
Even talk to them
Bid them God speed

Question 5.
By receiving a non-believer or blessing them on their way, we become partakers of their ?
Unsound minds
Lustful fruit
Evil deeds

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