Taking the Gosple around the World

3 John Chapter 1


Please use the KJV Bible if possible.

Quiz Questions And Answers

3 John Chapter One

Question 1.
The writer of this book has no greater joy then to hear his children are?

Following him
Walking in truth
Going about correcting error in the church

Question 2.
When John wrote to the church, they would not receive him because Diotrephes loved to have?
Money instead
More notable people visit

Question 3.
According to verse eleven, we are to follow?
That which is good
The government
That which exults us

Question 4.
He that doeth evil has not?
Seen God
Joined the Church
Spoken in tongues

Question 5.
John Chastises Diotrephes for not receiving other Christians, but he compliments Demetrius for having?
A big church
A big title
A good report

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