Taking the Gosple around the World



It was in the Spring of 2011, that I was teaching a Bible Class at a local Church.  During this class, the students in attendance began to ask questions that, although I could have answer them, I felt it would required more of a Bible College/Seminary setting to give them the answers they deserved.  Upon expressing these concerns to the class attendees, they then began to ask me why did we not start such a school.  The next year, Tuesday, September 11, 2012, MID - STATE BIBLE INSTITUTE held it's very first class. God began to bless and students began to attend. Then in Spring, 2015, we held our first graduating class, and have graduated students each year since then. For all these years we have seen students come in our doors and graduates leave our doors. We have with great pride watched our students and graduates take their place in the harvest fields of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  MID-STATE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP, our parent Church, offers many opportunities for ministry for students as well.  Working together, students not only get classroom education, but also practical application.   And now, here is your opportunity to see what God has for you and your destiny.  MSBI could be such a great place for you to begin!

Carl Whorley is the president of Mid-State Bible Institute, and is the primary professor.  He has Pastored several churches, and has traveled many places in the states and abroad working as a missionary and evangelist.  A love for God's Word, and a burning desire to see God's Children working in the harvest Field, are just two of the qualifications he has to lead this Institute.  Mr. Whorley has a deep understand of God's Word, spending hours each day in the reading and study of the sacred Scripture.  In addition to this, he also has a deep understanding of the Old Testament and prophecy as well.  Mr.  Whorley always makes himself available to those wanting to learn, and looks forward to seeing you succeed and graduate.

Paul Dodson is the Pastor of Mid-State Bible Fellowship, and is also one of the professors at Mid-State Bible Institute.  With many years of street preaching, youth evangelism, and leading a variety of other Christian Ministries, Mr. Dodson has a vast array of hands on experience.  With a love for Evangelism, and training others to do the work of an Evangelist, Mr. Dodson is a valuable asset to the College.  Chris Dodson has many years of professional business experience and is instrumental in the media ministry, as well as helping the women of the church and college.  With a "mothers" heart, she helps, prays for, encourages, and ministers to the women and children and helps them in the various missions. 


Mid-State Bible Institute is a Non-Profit Institute.  We do not claim "tax exempt" status because we believe it is best to pay our taxes rather then have the government tell us what we can and can not teach and preach.  Because accredited affiliation also places a Bible Institute under the thumb of the accredited agency, we also do not choose to be accredited.  At Mid-State Bible Institute, you will get a quality Bible education, free from denominational, governmental, or agency influence.  Being free from these influences, we are free to teach God's Word, from God's Word, and according to God's Word.  


Our Privacy Policy

You can be assured that absolutely none of your information will be shared with anyone other then with Mid-State Bible Institute staff, and then only what is needed for proper record keeping.  Your class transcripts will only be shared with those in whom you give us written permission to share it with.  Your privacy is very important to us.