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Books By Dr. Paul Dodson


Salvation, God's Way

Salvation, God's Way

This book is the latest written by Professor Dodson and takes an in-depth look at what true salvation is.  Written in study form so you can use it as a personal study, or in group or classroom setting.  There are questions for thought at the end of each chapter to test your learning, and an opportunity to write you salvation testimony at the end. 

Can I ask you a Question

Can I Ask You A Question

This book looks at ten of the most ask Biblically questions. 

Professor Dodson addresses each one completely and from an honest, Biblically perspective.  This book is in the publication

process and should be out by the end of summer.


Coming Soon...

Professor Dodson is working on a four part series entitled, "In The Beginning".  These books look at the first six chapters of Genesis and and goes into an honest discussion about the major teachings of Genesis that many Pastors and Teachers simply skip over.  It will be written in Study form so you can use it for personal use or in classroom or group settings.  Questions at the end of each chapter help reinforce what you are learning.  These books will follow the basic outline of the Bible Institute class by the same name.

Professor Dodson is also working on a book entitled, "Basic Bible Doctrines". This book will look at twelve of the basic Bible Doctrines of the Christian Faith.  Written also in Study form, you can use it for personal use, or in classroom or group settings.  Test your understanding at the end of each chapter with questions designed to make you think deeper.